If you want to ask me something about software RAID in Linux, i.e. about the “md” driver or “mdadm”, then please send email to ““.

Otherwise you could try emailing me as neil at brown dot name.

If you don’t get a reply in a week, feel free the resend the email, but please don’t resend sooner than that.


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  1. Alessandro Salvatori says:

    Hi Neil,

    I’ve been using wiggle since 2006! Back then sometimes it had an off-by-one bug that sometimes lost a line, but I would still love it 🙂

    I have an idea for a feature. It would be awesome if it detected python and were able to do even more magic and apply cleanly patches that are conflicting because of indentation changes.

    What do you think about it? If this is not something that you find interesting but you would welcome a contribution, I can work on it when I can find the time, but I’d probably need some guidance.

    thank you!

    • neilbrown says:

      Hi Alessandro,
      I’m glad wiggle has been useful to you! I still use it most weeks.

      I think wiggle already handles indentation changes quite well, but not perfectly.
      If there are changes within a line, the indent won’t matter.
      If a line is deleted, then some extra indentation might get left behind. Maybe using the “-b” option would suppress that.
      If a line is inserted, then the indentation certainly won’t get fixed.

      Have you had thoughts about how you would address this? One possibility that occurs to me is that when the file is broken up into works, instead of having a word for the space at the start of the line, have a word which encodes the difference in indent from the previous line. Then when converting the resulting word list back to text, we generate the appropriate amount of space.

      Do you have an interesting test case? What happens when you run it through wiggle with the “-b” option?

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